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Main Projects in the Manufacturing and Services Industry

Our firm has a particular interest for the manufacturing and services industries. This interest has grown through various projects regarding the transfer of technologies, the implementation of companies in Canada or abroad, and strategic planning. The projects, on which our firm has worked, are the following:


Market Study conducted for Portland cement in the Eastern region of the United States for Cartier-Géracom Group and Cimbec.

Study conducted for the planning and development of the industrial and airport zones in Saint-Hubert.

Strategic Planning for the City of Brossard in collaboration with Blancamano Bolduc. 

Study conducted on the changing of guards and the leadership of Montreal area's consulting engineering for AICO and SODM.

Strategic Plans Management and implementation for numerous consulting engineering firms in Quebec.

Know-how study for municipalities in the area of consulting engineering.

Development strategies study and diagnosis within the consulting engineering industry in Quebec for the Association of Consulting Engineers of Quebec.

Strategic Development Study of the South West area of Montreal conducted for the Montreal South West Revival Committee (CREESOM).

Feasibility Study conducted in regards to the distribution and warehousing system rationalization for the “Société des Alcools du Québec’’ (SAQ).

Strategic Development Plan of a specific zone reserved to high-technology and telecommunications companies (CITEC) in the City of Saint-Laurent.

Economic Impact Study and Report writing in regards to generic pharmaceutical products.

Strategy and Marketing Positioning Study for seven products offered by Canada Post.

Research conducted on the electronics and telecommunications industry in order to devise a Market Positioning Strategy for that industry.

Presidency holding for an exterior commerce governmental committee of Quebec Government to determine relevant export programs for Small businesses.

Market Study conducted in regards to the Revival of a neighbourhood for the City of Saint-Laurent.

Study on ways to finance the implementation of a medical instrument manufacturing plant in Canada.

Feasibility Study for the Hyundai assembly plant in Canada.  A Comparative Study between the  Ontario and the Quebec assembly plants was also conducted for Hyundai Canada Inc.

Cost Study for equipment parts distribution for the company AMC-Renault in Quebec and in Ontario for the Quebec Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Market and Feasibility Study for a brake parts manufacturing company.

Strategic Planning Study conducted for a division of Quebec Ministry of Social Affairs.

Feasibility Study conducted in regards to the development of a cultural and information centre as well as a business information centre for a municipality located on the Island of Montreal.

Study conducted on the work conditions in the Quebec Construction Industry with the objective of establishing a negotiation strategy with the construction union.

Market and Marketing Studies conducted for the sale of pharmaceutical health products for the “Société générale de financement’’, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Financial Profitability Study of a sulphuric acid treatment plant used for the treatment of copper in regards to various investment options. This project was conducted for the Canadian and Quebec Environment Ministries.

Strategy Development regarding the commercial revival of business street for a municipality located in the Montreal area.




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