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Stratem distinguishes itself by a personalized, as well as integrated and decision making approach.



Personalized Approach

Stratem takes the time to listen to its clients and keeps in mind the various characteristics specific to each one of them. It acts in a partnership with the client in order to obtain realistic results and places itself in the mind of the promoters or the company in order to make recommendations which are in line with the clients capabilities.



Integrated Approach

Stratem bases its analysis by factoring in the external (risks, constraints, and opportunities) as well as internal factors (strength, weaknesses, distinguishing features, company values). Economical, financial, marketing, human resources, technical and technological aspects are kept in mind while conducting the various studies.



Decisional Approach

Stratem uses professional methods of analysis and research in order to provide the most accurate data possible and present all the aspects in order to manage well the decision. The company provides the necessary elements to the implementation, control, and follow-up of various projects including different ways to finance them.




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