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Main Projects in the Agri-business and Marine Product Industry

Feasibility Study for the implementation of a seafood transformation plant in Guinea

Business Plan as well as conducting of Focus Groups and Product Tests conducting concerning a new non-animal shortening fat based. 

Market Study for traditional native products in France.

Feasibility Study for a potato pasteurization project using European technology.

Business Plan for the development of bio-marine products.

Market testing and search of distributors in order to commercialize fisheries products originating from West Africa in the United States market.

Survey and review of programs aimed for aquaculture companies for the Quebec Aqua cultural Association.

Viability Study conducted for the implementation of a partnership between Halong Fiscom in Vietnam and a shrimp processing plant located in New-Brunswick.

Pre-feasibility Study for the technology transfer in order to improve fishing techniques and conditions in Hanoï, Vietnam.

Marketing Research and feasibility assessment for a French company’s a meat and seafood processing plant implementation in Canada.

Marketing Study for shelled and cooked mussels from Prince Edward Island in American and European markets.

Market test and Potential Assessment for of under-used species development for export purposes to France.

Financial Impact Study of a price change for milk-based products (butter and milk powder for the Canadian milk processing companies, Ottawa, Ontario.

Study conducted on the impact of American chicken sales in Canada and on the measures that can be implemented in order for Canadian producers to adjust.

Strategic Plan for Technomar Canada, a company specialized in technical counseling for seafood processing companies.

Feasibility Study for scallops production and marketing strategies writing for a company based in New Brunswick.

Business Plan for the development of a market gardening company and seeking for financing.

Feasibility Study regarding the processing of crustacean residues using Japanese technology; Market Study and Technology Transfer conducted with the Japanese firm Nichimen.

Investigation on the quality and study of the situation of marine products in retail and institutional markets in Quebec and in Ontario for the Quebec Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology.

Taste Test and Marketing Analysis for fifteen French value added grocery products on the Canadian market.

Feasibility Study conducted on common crab marketing for “Crustacés de Gaspé”.

Study conducted on the Maine products market implications of the United Market for Europe in 1992; conducted for the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Member of the committee for purchasing offers selection for Madelipêche Inc. in regards to the privatization of “Madelipêche”, Quebec Government, and Quebec.

Diagnosis and assessment of strategic options regarding the privatization of Madelipêche inc. for the joint committee of the Finance Ministry and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in Quebec.

Corporate Organization Study for the setting-up of a fisherman’s association in Quebec for the Ocean and Fisheries Ministry. Meeting of more than 400 fisheries from all regions of Quebec and creation of the “Quebec Fisherman’s Alliance”.

Study conducted with the objective of establishing marketing and distribution strategies for marine products from Quebec for the Canadian Ocean and Fisheries Ministry. A Research was conducted in regards to various preliminary location projects for processing plants as well as the development of new Canadian marine products.






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