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Main Projects in the Environmental Industry


Assessment of the “Éco-quartier’’ program and various trends for the updating of the program for the City of Montreal.  

Pre-feasibility Study for residual waste treatment and transformation into compost in Palestine.  

Market Study for soil decontamination in France and decontamination subsidiary implementation in France.  

Profitability Study for a waste sorting centre in the Montreal area.  

Drafting of four documents on the awareness of environmentally   friendly products; more specifically on market trends for environmentally friendly products, norms and certification, various forms of help available and the environmentally friendly companies in Quebec.

Financial Viability Study and implementation conditions in regards to a used carpet recycling project.

Canadian market study on soil contamination and the strategic positioning of a company specializing in soil decontamination.

Waste Characterization Study in two regions of Colombia (Latin America) in order to implement projects of electricity production using domestic waste.

Feasibility Study for the implementation of a used tire recycling plant in the North East of Quebec.

Study on the volume of waste transiting in the city of Montreal in order to determine the viability of a waste sorting centre situated on the North Shore of Montreal.

Study conducted on the market of hazardous waste in Canada.

Business Plan for a compost company.

Study related to the gasification of used tires in the United States.

Study regarding a used tire collection system in the Northern regions of Quebec and analysis of various disposal alternatives. (Recycling, rethreading, etc.).

Conducting of a Focus Group on ‘’Energy Efficiency Strategy in Quebec’’, for the ministry of Energy.

Study conducted to assess the tire supply potential in the Montreal area for Systech Environment, a division of Lafarge Canada.

Information collection on private and public waste burying sites on waste transit centers and on dry waste dumps in the City of Montreal, for the Environmental Engineering Division of the City of Montreal.

Study on new market development for recycled glass and on the economical feasibility for the Quebec centre of glass decontamination.

Memorandum regarding the implementation of a gas plant and surveillance and remote control centre for gas production units for Yamagata Canada.

Strategic Study for the development of tire rethreading in Quebec, for “Recyc Québec’’.

Production of a survey on the development of tire rethreading in Quebec for “Recyc Québec’’.

Market Study on tire recycling products for “Recyc Québec’’.

Participation in the orientation guidelines validation for the Strategic Plan regarding the waste collection management for the City of Montreal.

Cost study conducted on waste transportation using various scenarios combining railways and highways. This study was conducted for a waste transit centre for the Inter-City Waste Management Department for the Island of Montreal.

Market Study and Cost Analysis of transportation in regards to the implementation of a waste recycling plant for forestry products in the United States. Study conducted on the residue transportation between Quebec and North Eastern United States.

Feasibility Study pertaining to waste treatment derived from shellfish, using a Japanese technology; Market Study and Technology Transfer, conducted with the Japanese firm Nichimen.

Feasibility Study for the establishment of a waste sorting centre in the South East Townships.

Environmental Audit for a cookie manufacturing company regarding its packaging as well as its positioning in respect to environmental policies.

Conducting of 21 focus groups on waste management for the City of Montreal in regards to its master plan of integrated waste management.  Conclusions on the results and revue of the principles of waste reduction, re-usage, recovery and promotion of recycling.

Market Study conducted on products derived from composting and on energy provided by steam.

Impact Study pertaining to the establishment of a transit centre in Montreal as well as the transportation costs for a waste disposal company.

Market positioning Study conducted for an equipment manufacturer concerning environmental technology products (tire pyrolysis, incineration, and solar energy).

Location Study between Montreal and Toronto and assessment of transportation costs for a liquid waste treatment centre.

Market Study; Costs Study and Feasibility Study for the Department of inter-city waste management for the Island of Montreal conducted in partnership with SNC-Lavalin.

Study on the waste management methods used by the Department of inter-city waste management and analysis of technologies used. Study conducted in partnership with SNC-Lavalin.

Study on waste dumping sites, waste transit centers as well as dry waste dumps situated in the Montreal area.





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