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Main International Projects

Participation in a Pre-Feasibility Study for the implementation of a seafood transformation plant in Guinea.

Financing possibilities Search for an International water treatment project by the Canadian Government.

Representation and development of European markets for a French-Canadian company established in Lyon, France.

Financial Viability Study for the implementation of an industrial site in Guinea for the production of essential oils, using Canadian technology.

Co-ordination of the implementation of a subsidiary (SARL) in France for an environment specialized Canadian company (sites decontamination).

Financial Viability Study for a partnership implementation in the Ivory Coast for road maintenance.

Pre-Feasibility Study on the construction and the operation of an irrigation system as well as a water and mud treatment plant in Palestine Rajah and Gaza.

Diagnosis of an urban transportation system as well as a real-estate development project for an important Chinese city.

Market Study for the environmental sector in France.

Waste Characterization Study in waste management conducted for two municipalities in Columbia.

Viability Study for the implementation of a partnership between Halong Fiscom in Vietnam and a shrimp processing company established in New-Brunswick.

Study on the privatization of the Congolese Railway conducted in partnership with the World Bank.

Marketing Plan for five (5) Vietnamese companies located in Hanoi, specialized in furniture manufacturing, import-export, fish-breeding, clothing and textiles.

Business Mission, which purpose was to establish relations and partnerships between Canadian and Vietnamese companies.

France-Canada Mission, which purpose was to create relations and partnerships between Canadian and French companies and facilitate the technology transfer between both countries.

Feasibility Study regarding a project for the establishment of a Small business Incubator in the City of Douala in Cameron.

Assessment and valuation of the privatization program of a pulp and paper plant for the State Planning Organization of Ankara, Turkey.

Feasibility Study for the extension and installation of processing equipment for a plant located in the Dominican Republic. This study was conducted in the scope of a project financed by the Export Development Corporation (EDC).

Pre Feasibility Study conducted on products derived from sugar cane, in Haiti.

Economic, Financial and Institutional Feasibility Study for a market implementation project in Port-au-Prince, Haiti; project financed by the World Bank.

Business Plan in order to obtain financing for a Canadian company’s subsidiary, situated in Ivory Coast, whose main markets are in West Africa.

 Representation of Canadian companies at the World Bank in Washington.

Industry and Market Studies on telecommunications, energy and transportation as well as Economic Analysis of Developing Countries in order to assess the business and market potential for Canadian companies. These studies focused primarily on the following areas: Africa, South East Asia, Central and Eastern Europe.





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